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Tag: Apolis Activism

Review of the Filson x Apolis Activism Briefcase

A short one anyways. Last week I received the special Filson x Apolis Activism briefcase that I had ordered several months ago. I ended up not keeping it, which I’ll explain in a moment. Except for the fabric, it’s the same in every aspect as the regular Filson 256 model, and it even comes with several nice pencils. The fabric itself though was not as heavy as I was hoping it would be and it didn’t feel as strong, nor did it seem like it was treated. Overall it’s definitely a nice bag and would serve fine for daily needs, but if you need something heavy duty I would recommend getting the regular models instead.

If you’re still hunting for one, it looks like the Apolis guys are taking more preorders for another delivery in November: http://www.apolisactivism.com/?event=startPreorder

Update – Crane’s Country Store in Missouri has a few for sale on their website: Link. They’re great folks to deal with and they’re whom I order most of my Filson gear from.

Filson Apolis Activism Briefcase Tags.

Apolis Activism FW2009

These were posted on styleforum.net a few months back, but I completely forgot about them until the Apolis guys updated their site with them last month.

Apolis Activism FW2009 - 1
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Update: Filson x Apolis Activism Briefcase Preorders

I believe that both Context and Farinelli’s have sold all of their preorders for the special Filson x Apolis Activism briefcase, but it looks like you might still have a chance to get one straight from the source: http://www.apolisactivism.com/?event=startPreorder

Context also has some great interviews on their site concerning the work and ideas behind the bag: http://www.contextclothing.com/eye_to_eye.php

Update 2: For the Canadians, Roden Gray is taking preorders as well.

Filson x Apolis Activism Briefcase Preorders

PSA: Context and Farinelli’s are now both taking preorders for the special Filson x Apolis Activism briefcase, price will be about $400.  These will be a very limited run.

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