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Tag: Ben Silver

Ben Silver’s Regimental Ties

Ben Silver just sent out a wonderful catalog for their large selection of regimental ties. Not only are they the only retailer that does that sort of thing anymore, they’re also one of the few companies in the United States that sell true regimentals where the stripes go down in the direction from the left shoulder down to the right across the heart.

This style originated in England from military associations (and later by school groups) – when the Americans came along, we then reversed the direction of the stripes to go the opposite way. The exact reason why this was done is unknown, but one could assume that it was out of respect or maybe just to look different.

Ben Silver’s striped ties are a perfect 3 1/4 inches in width, not too wide and not too narrow.

On the left, my favorite navy and maroon pattern as worn by the Guards Brigade. “The Household Brigade, organized in 1660 under King Charles II. Composed of Household Cavalry together with regiments of Foot Guards. Regiments entrusted with the privileged task of guarding the Sovereign.” I will stick with my Americanized versions however.

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Spectator Penny Loafers

I didn’t think much of these until I spotted a worn in pair shown in Men’s File. It seems everyone was selling some variation of them up until recently, but of course now that I’m interested in a pair none can be found.

This pair from Brooks Brothers is close, but they only come in a black/white colorway. Ben Silver has a pair of spectator loafers from Alden as well, but only with tassels. Hopefully more will show up again for Spring/Summer 2011.


Ben Silver’s Anglo American Eyeglasses

While checking out some other things on their site, I just recently noticed that Ben Silver is now selling eyewear, and some real classic ones at that.

Ben Silver Black Rectangular Frame

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