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Tag: Brady Bags

Bags for the Field and Stream

The most important thing to look for? Quick release straps. When it’s 6:00am on a cold winter morning and you’re standing in the middle of a near freezing river trying to hook a steelhead, the last thing you want to deal with are the buckles on your bag. (Yes, this leaves out Filson’s field bags).

From Field and Stream, 1916.


J.Crew New Arrivals for April

There are some new arrivals on jcrew.com this evening, including some great stuff for warmer weather. The more interesting item that showed up is a serious leather bag from a New York based company called Wexler & Co. who have a very Filson-like motto: “the best is good enough.” If I ever need to retire my Barbour weekender, I might just give this one a shot.

Wexler & Co Type II bag for JCrew
The other new bag is one from the UK company Brady, which has specialized in making gear for the field for a very long time.


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