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Tag: Cary Grant

North By Northwest

Starring in one of Alfred Hitchcock’s best known films, Cary Grant can be seen wearing a grey suit in North By Northwest throughout most of the movie. If you watch closely though, you can notice in some close ups that the fabric is actually a very subtle Prince of Wales pattern in a grey/blue mix.

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To Catch a Thief

A classic film, in many ways: “To Catch a Thief is a 1955 romantic thriller directed by Alfred Hitchcock and starring Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, Jessie Royce Landis and John Williams. The movie is set on the French Riviera, and was based on the 1952 novel of the same name by David F. Dodge.”

In some of the earlier scenes, Grant is wearing a pullover and handkerchief – this was a last minute wardrobe change that was done after Hitchcock learned that the button down collar shirts Grant was wearing did not exist in France during the time period the movie was set in.

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