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Tag: Corgi

Corgi Fair Isle Socks

Now in the stock for the season, Corgi’s fair isle socks have the right dash of colors and patterns for those who are looking for something more interesting to go with their winter footwear. Mr. Porter seems to have them for the best price here in the U.S. and still have a few pairs left of the red and blue versions.

In cases where I cannot decide on which color to pick, I usually just get both.

Bold Colors and Stripes

Summer sales bring summer socks.

I usually stick to muted colors, but I thought I’d give these a try this season (they can’t be any more jarring than the argyles I wear). Interestingly, the bright blue pairs are a 70/30 cotton/nylon mix and I wonder if they’ll end up lasting longer than Corgi’s 100% cotton versions.

J.Crew Spring Rollout has Begun

J.Crew has updated its site with new arrivals for spring (some of which is already in stores). The better items include an affordable parka, a multitude of warm weather shirts, more New Balance sneakers, and an updated selection of Corgi socks.

The highlight for me are these roughout suede chukkas and I’m torn between getting a pair of these and the unlined chukka boots on the Leydon last.


Skull and Crossbones

My first Corgi socks, I think I’m hooked. They’re nothing like the socks that I order from Pantherella or Punto and are fairly heavy for being made from cotton (from what I understand, Corgi makes socks in different gauges and these are on the far end). J.Crew carries them, but they can also be purchased directly from the company.

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