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Tag: Crescent Down Works

J.Crew’s New Arrivals for October

J.Crew added a few new interesting things to their site last night: a Crescent Down Works jacket, made in the US New Balance 1400 sneakers, and scarves from Drake’s (hopefully they will carry their ties at some point?).

I don’t know what they were thinking with these $350 patchwork chinos of theirs though. They don’t even look good.

J.Crew New Fall Arrivals

J.Crew has started to roll out some more goods for fall on its website: highlights include the Crescent Down Works vest, chamois shirts, tweed sport coats, plenty of interesting knitwear, and a pricey watch cap from Mister Freedom.

Update: I just tried to put an order through for the navy tweed sportcoat and they’re already out of stock in my size. Why does it feel like I continually run into inventory problems with J.Crew? It’s even worse in their retail stores.

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