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Tag: Down Vests

Dressing Up Down Vests

Browsing through the December issue of Leon, I noticed that they picked down vests as their item of the month.

Wearing a down vest with a sportcoat or blazer is walking a fine line between looking nice and looking dumb, and they’re best left to more casual outfits.

When trying to dress up a down vest, stick to ones made with a wool shell and in a color that compliments the rest of your clothing.

Functional Down Vests

One cannot have enough down vests when living in the Pacific Northwest and their utility cannot be beat in terms of layering and usefulness for outdoor activities. Read on for a selection of purely functional vests for under $300.

Old Jansport Ad
Above is a scan of an old Jansport ad from the 70’s, featuring one of their down vests.

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