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Engineered Garments SS2011 First Deliveries

The first deliveries of the Engineered Garments SS11 collection are now getting to stores in Japan and one of the new designs is the field shirt which has two large inverted pleat pockets – a feature rooted in both older military and hunting gear, depending on where you look.

I would expect that stores in the U.S. will begin to receive deliveries around January, so check in with your local stockist to see what they might have ordered. The full look book should show up online around then as well.

Picture from Silver & Gold.

Monday update! It looks like the popular CPO shirts will be available in lightweight poplin fabrics. These will be great for warm weather.

Images from Second Stage.

A Proper Rugby Shirt

Good rugby shirts are difficult to find in the U.S. and I was glad to see one being sold in the Engineered Garments FW10 collection. Not wanting to pay $160+ for one though, I waited a bit until they hit the sales this month and purchased the navy/grey version for a more reasonable amount. The fit is surprisingly trim (I went up a size) and I’m very happy with the overall quality of the shirt.

As for the manufacturer, the RN# number on one of tags points to it being made by Columbiaknit in Portland, Oregon – it sells many different styles of rugby shirts directly at affordable prices, however, I’m not sure how the fit compares to the Engineered Garments version.

A nice detail – there is an extra panel under the sleeve where it connects to the body, which helps in fit and movement. I think this is an underutilized feature that many sport shirts lack.

Barneys.com has one left in a small, but it might be worth calling or checking out your local store to see if they have any left in more sizes.

Engineered Garments Spring/Summer 2011 Preview #2

Teaser images of the Spring/Summer 2011 lookbook – I’d expect that we’ll see it show up online around January.

From mizobuchi.co.jp. Related:

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Engineered Garments Flannel Bowties

Now available on Yoox, use code play@yooxmas for an extra 10% off. Made in the USA with cotton flannel, they’re perfect for this time of the year.


The Story Behind the Engineered Garments Workshirt

The guys over at Bureau have posted a short background on the interesting history of the Engineered Garments workshirt:

Daiki took the design from a shirt that originated in the 1920s by Big Yank. He introduced it in spring 2000 in Japan and then started to sell it in the U.S. for Fall 2004. Post Overalls actually had this shirt in their collection in the early 1990s but i think it is fair to say that it is the EG one that has had the recent impact.

They really did popularize the design. Side note: some Big Yank items can fetch quite a bit of money in the vintage circles.


Engineered Garments Suiting

Now in stock at the Nepenthes NYC store. They note that it’s made in Haverhill, Massachusetts, so I would assume these are being made in the new Southwick factory that is located there. Some of these pieces have showed up in previous seasons, but the retail distribution was very limited.


Sunday Corduroy

It was a sunny fall day today, perfect for corduroy.

Shown: An Engineered Garments Bedford jacket paired with a Barbour vest, a J.Crew shirt, and a handkerchief from Drake’s.

Engineered Garments FW10 Newsboy Caps

The Engineered Garments eight piece newsboy caps have finally shipped out to stores, and are available this season in different leathers and heavy fall fabrics. Outside of Japan I’m not yet sure who is carrying them – I’ll update this post later if I find any.

Engineered Garments Newsboy Caps

The Engineered Garments Explorer Jacket

The new Explorer jackets in the Engineered Garments FW10 collection have shipped out to the few stores that ordered them and I was able to acquire a version in the olive colored ripstop cotton from Blake down in Portland. When I first pulled it out of the box, I was surprised by how heavy it weighs from the interior blanket lining and when worn it feels like armor (as much as cotton and wool can be). Read on to see more details.

eg_explorer_jacket_01 Read more


I’m generally not too interested in Steven Alan’s designs, but his teams do occasionally produce some great stuff that I would consider. For example, these colored parkas.

A 60/40 parka from FUCT. The patches are appropriate.

The blanket lined storm parkas from Engineered Garments. The shell is made from a heavy duty ripstop cotton.


Correction: FUCT is not a Japanese brand, as previously stated in an earlier version of this post. Thanks to Jose R. Mejia for the info.

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