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Esquire Big Black Book – Fall 2009

Esquire’s fall 2009 edition of their Big Black Book is out in stores now, and available to purchase online for about $10. Like their last spring edition, I felt they missed the mark again in delivering good content. The essays on menswear are long gone, the photography is boring, and even the watches they chose to show were overpriced and tacky.

A potentially good section that fell short was one titled “The Revisionists”, which from what I could tell was supposed to be on modern tailoring adapting to current needs and featured Dries Van Noten, d’Avenza, Dunhill, and Norton & Sons. Instead, the four page spread just showed a suit from each company with a short paragraph about each. wtf Esquire?

I recommend saving your $10 and investing it into a copy of Rake.

Esquire Big Black Book Fall 2009

Esquire Big Black Book – Spring 2009

Unless you want to read about tan lines and how to pick the perfect white t-shirt, I’d advise you to save your 10 dollars.  They did a very poor job with this edition and even old ads were recycled.

Esquire Big Black Book - Spring 2009 edition

Esquire Big Black Book - Spring 2009 edition

The image is from Cold Track Days flickr stream: http://www.flickr.com/photos/coldtrackdays/

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