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Fathers of Invention

I just came across this ad for Bell Labs from 1969. Two things struck me about it: one, apparently there was a time where science was mainstream (this would have been during the peak of the Apollo Program) and two, that scientists once had some style. Click on the image to see the full version.

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NDG-1 Smoke

I eschew those short rectangular eyeglasses that many wear – if you’re going to go through the trouble of wearing a pair, they might as well be bold and the NDG-1′s from Oliver Peoples continue to be one of the nerdiest models you can buy. First introduced in 2008 in collaboration with Nom de Guerre, [...]

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Buddy Holly on the cover of Rolling Stone.

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Ben Silver’s Anglo American Eyeglasses

While checking out some other things on their site, I just recently noticed that Ben Silver is now selling eyewear, and some real classic ones at that.

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Selima for J.Crew – The Rivington Sunglasses

J.Crew recently lowered the price on their Rivington sunglasses and it was enough to get me to finally order a pair.  The glasses, which are made in France by Selima Optique, have so far performed fairly well for my needs and I’ve been generally happy with them.  If you have problems with heavier glasses, these [...]

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