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Tag: Football

Game Day

Vintage football photography via the Library of Congress (largely from a collection that came from the Chicago Daily News).


Football Illustrations from Yale, 1878

College football illustrations by Frederic Remington, circa 1878. For a brief time, he was an art student at Yale and also played on the school’s team, which became the subject of many of his early drawings. From wikipedia:

Remington attended the art school at Yale University, the only male in the freshman year. However, he found that football and boxing were more interesting than the formal art training, particularly drawing from casts and still life objects. He preferred action drawing and his first published illustration was a cartoon of a “bandaged football player” for the student newspaper Yale Courant. Though he was not a star player, his participation on the strong Yale football team was a great source of pride for Remington and his family.

He left school the following year to take care of his father who had tuberculosis.

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