I somehow missed this NYTimes piece from earlier this week about the British company Hackett and the man behind it.

Hackett: A ‘Heritage’ That’s Oh-So-British

Mr. Hackett, the self-styled “Mr. Classic” who has published a book of whimsical comments on the British male’s sartorial habits, is the prime example of the latest trend in menswear: inventing heritage.

“Most people think the business was built by my grandfather or father,” he says. “For heritage, people believe you had to be around for 100 years.”

Hackett, the purveyor of stylish men’s clothes designed not to frighten the horses, upset a boss or alarm a bank manager, was founded in 1983 by Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings, whose day jobs were as salesmen in Savile Row, London’s tailoring mecca.

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