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Tag: Hats

A Hat for the Rain

Lock & Co’s water repellent Rambler hat is perfect for these cold rainy days when the umbrella can be left at home as its Teflon treatment and simple construction makes it ideal for daily use without having to worry about ruining it if rained on or crushed (for traveling, just flatten it and roll it up).

There are some more affordable options out there for this type of hat, but I think Lock & Co’s is about the nicest looking you’ll find. Printed directly inside is the charming Lock & Co Hatters logo (for good reason, it lacks a lining typically found in more formal hats).

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Ascot Caps

The fur felt ascot cap is one of the oldest of hat designs that is still worn by men today and for colder months, they pair well with fabrics like corduroy or tweed when you want to add some variety of textures or colors to an outfit. Brands to look for: Wigens, Scala, and Christy’s of London, or if you’d like the most traditional unlined version, Brooks Brothers.

A fur felt cap of mine sold by Christy’s. It has kept its shape fairly well over the past couple of years and unlike the traditional caps, this one is lined in silk. “Hand made” (in China).


Linen Caps


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