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Tag: J.L. Powell

J.L. Powell’s Spring 2010 Catalog

J.L. Powell recently put up their new catalog for the Spring 2010 season – they didn’t add much for new items this year, but it’s still fun to look at. The highlight for me is the Canvas Ridge work coat, which looks like a lot of thought went into the details on it.

P.S. The Alden suede bluchers with crepe soles from last year are currently on sale for $259.

J.L. Powell’s Fall 2009 Catalog

J.L. Powell’s seasonal catalogs are always something to look forward to. The store has made a business out of selling some of the world’s best products to those who prefer the fields and streams and among their inventory are sweaters from Inis MeĆ”in, boots from Edward Green, and shaving accessories from Truefitt & Hill. Fitted city clothing this is not.

Their fall 2009 catalog features a number of great items, including cowichan knits, hunting jackets, crepe soled moccasin boots, and an awesome blue pullover anorak. They call it “an authentic collection that would have been favored by the world’s great explorers.”

You can request a copy on their website, or view it online.

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