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Tag: Japan

Archive and Style

For the vintage fans (especially for those who have an interest in goods from the the 50’s and 60’s) – Tokyo based Archive and Style is another great visual resource to bookmark.

I would not be surprised if they sold the L.L. Bean duffel above at their asking price (36,750 YEN).

Sun Trap Vintage Store

Sun Trap, one of the many cool vintage shops that dot Tokyo – their website archive is a great visual resource.

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Filson’s Osaka Store

The news of the Levi’s workwear line by Filson led me their Japanese distributor’s website this evening, where I noticed that they’re now showing a bit more of the Filson Italy line along with some great pictures of the new Osaka store (conveniently located above a Champion sweatshirt store). I like that the interior design is completely opposite of the approach that the American stores take.

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Hummingbird’s Hill

I just came across part of a fun ad for a combo clothing store/American style diner in Tokyo called Hummingbird’s Hill – the denim on the right makes me want to get back into painting with oils and acrylics.


From Japan

Some of the Selectism guys are in Japan right now and were able to visit the Inazuma Festival.  I’m looking forward to more Tokyo related posts from them!

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