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New John Lobb Saint-Crépin Model

First Luxe has a preview of John Lobb’s new Saint-Crépin model for later this year – a wholecut double monkstrap made on the 7000 last. We’ll have to wait for them to release more pictures, but it looks like they added some sort of reverse stitch along the inside area where the strap is cut [...]

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New John Lobb Models for 2010

Now available to view online on johnlobb.com.

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Shoe Videos of Edward Green, John Lobb, Cleverley

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Also called galoshes by some. This period of the year tends to bring lots of rain to Seattle, and is usually when I pull out my SWIMS. They work well enough in protecting my shoes, and the insides are lined with a soft material that helps with taking them on and off. Allen Edmonds sells [...]

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John Lobb’s New Spiral Cut Shoes

John Lobb sent out an email recently with a link to images for the new “Saint-Crépin” model for this year.  At first glance they’re a bit ordinary. But now look at the top view: Notice something different?  They used one piece of leather cut into a spiral shape to wrap around a last to shape [...]

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