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Split-Toe Shoes

The split-toe shoes – a great alternative to plain toe bluchers or wingtips and also good shoes to pair with a fall wardrobe. Brooks Brothers currently has some marked down under their Peal & Co line. A scan from Last, volume 13. The Edward Green Dover model is perfection.

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Red Wing in Last, Free & Easy

Scans from factory visits in Last (Volume 12) and Free & Easy (July 2010). The Free & Easy piece focused on the new postman inspired shoes, and for now in Japan will be exclusive to the Rugged Museum.

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Aubercy’s Button Boots

New in at Leffot, button boots from Aubercy. They’re about as unique as they are arcane, and these types of boots are nowadays only produced by small manufacturers due to their niche demand. If you’d like to see a visual guide of how to use a button hook, Japanese store Otsuka has a pictorial. Here’s [...]

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Odd Soles

From an issue of Last, a now defunct Japanese magazine on men’s shoes. Notice the Heinrich Dinkelacker made pair near the bottom, which have triple leather soles (somewhat of a signature of theirs). They have a small cult following, and are probably among the most clunkiest shoes that you can buy.

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