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Tag: Lock & Co Hatters

A Hat for the Rain

Lock & Co’s water repellent Rambler hat is perfect for these cold rainy days when the umbrella can be left at home as its Teflon treatment and simple construction makes it ideal for daily use without having to worry about ruining it if rained on or crushed (for traveling, just flatten it and roll it up).

There are some more affordable options out there for this type of hat, but I think Lock & Co’s is about the nicest looking you’ll find. Printed directly inside is the charming Lock & Co Hatters logo (for good reason, it lacks a lining typically found in more formal hats).

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Lock & Co’s Tweed Caps

I was glad to see that Mr. Porter is now carrying a small selection of wool caps from Lock & Co. Hatters, including several made with Harris Tweed. Compared to caps that I have from Wigens, Christys’, and Borsalino, those from Lock & Co. feel much more substantial and look better finished (I can appreciate that the company’s cap maker takes care in matching up the fabric patterns on some of the main seams). For this season, I picked out the greyish-brown version made in a rough donegal-like tweed which features small bits of color strewn about the wool.

I hope Mr. Porter expands its selection over the next few seasons – ordering hats online is not quite ideal, but at least the company makes the return process easy if there are fit issues.

Extra reading material: Lock & Co. has a care guide [pdf] for its tweed hats. It’s interesting to note that they recommend a strong spirit such as lighter fluid to help clean stained spots.

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