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Tag: Nautical

Scrimshaw Art

I just found that scrimshaw artist Linda Layden sells some of her items through Etsy – her work is sold by other stores and designers but often at much higher prices.


Naval History Inspirations

Unofficial Insignia – Liberty Cuffs and Diesel Boats Forever

World War II sailors sewed hidden patches under the sleeve cuffs of their dress blue jumpers. Once on leave, they unbuttoned their “liberty cuffs” and turned them over to display colorful dragons, mermaids, dolphins (for submariners), and birds (for the “airedales” who worked on Navy aircraft). The practice of liberty cuffs continued into the early 1980s, except for a short period in the early 1970s, when the Navy attempted to do away with the blue and white jumpers and replace them with jackets similar to those worn by officers. – Carol Burke, in Camp all-American, Hanoi Jane, and the High-and-Tight

Dragons are very common and easy to find, along with mermaids. My favorite design that I’ve spotted so far were these Hawaii themed patches (I lost that ebay auction).

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Fall Inspirations – Toilers of the Sea

Nautical themes will have a strong influence… look for SNS Herning and Inis Meain knits this season. From the Norfolk Museums and Archeology Service on the older traditional sweaters worn by fishermen:

A fisherman’s gansey was once his most distinctive feature. A navy blue jumper, patterned on the top half and part of the sleeves was a proud possession. It was likely to be knitted by a loved one and carried a pattern characteristic of the fishing port or the family. Ganseys could be found all around the North Sea and the British coasts from the early 19th century to the middle of the 20th century and the tradition lives on with a few Norfolk fishermen today. Theirs were perhaps the most finely knitted of them all, especially those from Sheringham.

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