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Tag: North Sea Clothing

New North Sea Clothing Sweaters

I’ve been shopping around online lately for fall knitwear options and just noticed that North Sea Clothing has updated its site recently with several new versions of its sweaters along with an “Engineer” model based on an older military design. The new releases are timely as I just pulled my favorite Expedition sweater out of storage in anticipation for the colder weather and it’s still holding up strong.

The new “Marine” cable knit version of the Expedition, which I’m pretty enamored with:

Marine Sweater by North Sea Clothing

North Sea Clothing Belts

NSC has recently added some interesting belts and keyfobs to its site, my favorite being the marine webbing belt below.

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North Sea Clothing Knitwear

Vintage inspired but with a modern fit, these certainly are the real deal. I’ve been wearing one of the Expedition shawl collar sweaters for a couple of weeks now and it has quickly become one of my favorite pieces with the cold wet weather that Seattle has been getting lately.

A closer view of the wool. It looks a bit rough, but I’ve found it to be pretty comfortable.

The shawl collar style was popular with motorcyclists going as far back as the early 1900’s and there are several great examples shown in Rin Tanaka’s Harley-Davidson book.

Described as a roll collar sweater from 1918. Below, another view with a man in the lower left corner wearing a “sweater coat”.

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