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Old Is New Again

Apparently TIME magazine has a public archive of old articles on their website and it was fun searching through them for familiar topics: The Call of the Wilderness Manhattanites in plaid flannel shirts and crepe-soled leather boots are hiking down Fifth Avenue. Students in goose-down vests and baggy sweatpants are trekking through Harvard Square. Dudes [...]

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Untipped Ties

Outside of the custom market and not counting seven folds, untipped ties are pretty uncommon to find and even Drake’s only sells a few in a raw silk variety. There is no real benefit – however, on some types of silk I’ve found that they have a habit of becoming easily bent or curled at [...]

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Ben Silver’s Regimental Ties

Ben Silver just sent out a wonderful catalog for their large selection of regimental ties. Not only are they the only retailer that does that sort of thing anymore, they’re also one of the few companies in the United States that sell true regimentals where the stripes go down in the direction from the left [...]

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The Regimental Tie

My first real tie was a vintage Paul Stuart regimental in the classic red and navy stripe pattern, which I happened to come across again this last weekend when organizing a few old boxes. Pictured below on the left, I remember wearing this thing almost daily and it went through a lot with me as [...]

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