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Tag: Saint James

Nautical Stripes

The weather is now cold enough for heavy knitwear and I was able to finally track down a Saint James Matelot in my size thanks to the team at Archival Clothing, which carries a good selection in its webstore. Very close fitting, the thick knit wool of the Matelot is designed to keep the elements away from the body and is a great alternative to the Binic II if you have long arms.

Saint James Matelot
Saint James was also recently featured in Men’s File Issue 4 where they visited the factory and wrote a short piece about the manufacturing – apparently some the equipment is so old that punch card programming is still used. During their visit, they were able to check out a number of vintage sweaters shown below and it inspired the creation of two modern pieces for bikers and cyclists (both made by Saint James).

Saint James Vintage Knitwear
More reading – Archival Knitwear: Saint James Matelot

J.Crew’s New Arrivals for Fall

J.Crew’s fall rollout has begun and they updated their website last night with new arrivals. Most of it is expected basics, but there are a few interesting gems: a denim western shirt, copies of Take Ivy, printed Hill-Side pocket squares, and socks from Saint James. The footwear lineup is also becoming more impressive, with new models from Alden and Russell Moccasins.

Except for the crepe soles, these remind me a bit of the roughout boots worn by some servicemen during WW2.

Nautical Sweater + Navy Blazer

Spotted in an older issue of Leon (the recent ones have been no good).

I think this is a good way to work in one of those Saint James nautical sweaters, which can be a bit too bold to be worn on their own.

J.Crew New Arrivals for May

J.Crew did a quiet rollout this evening of some new items for summer. My favorites are these sun faded sweatshirts and just about all of the madras shirts. There are also many new Mister Freedom pieces (those handkerchiefs will go fast), and the lobster claw belt is finally online along with another nautical inspired whale tail belt.

The only thing that’s missing that I was looking forward too are the special Warehouse jeans, but hopefully those will show up within a few weeks.

jcrew_belts Read more

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