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Tag: Shaving

Shaving with Edwin Jagger

Curiosity led me to pick up a new shaving brush from Blackbird a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it daily since. Previously I had been using an old basic Art of Shaving brush which got the job done, but I wondered if those fancier brushes did anything better.

In my case, my new super badger brush did not help give a better lather than my old brush (I use plain soap for shaving, so perhaps it might be more useful with a traditional creme) but it certainly is much softer against my skin and put a feeling of luxury back into my morning routine. Aside from that, the only other discernible difference between the two is that the Edwin Jagger brush has not yet lost any hairs unlike my Art of Shaving brush, which seemed to always shed a few on a regular basis.

Regarding brush manufacturing, Edwin Jagger put together a short video showing the steps of how they’re made and it’s worth a watch:

Shaving Lessons Learned

1. Most of the high end glycerin-based shaving creams are functionally pretty much the same.

2. Pre-shave oils are a waste of money. Instead just rub a little bit of shaving cream on the skin before applying it with a brush.

3. Art of Shaving’s ingrown hair cream is the best on the market.

4. Alum blocks are rarely needed, but are still handy to keep around.


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