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Tag: Spring/Summer Clothing

Adding Yellow?

As I was writing something up for these Monocle scans below, I realized that yellow is a rare color to come by when shopping (outside of rain jackets).  Like other bright colors, it’s probably more suitable for those with darker skin tones.

Spring Colors - Yellow, Monocle

Spring Colors - Yellow, Monocle

Pairing Colored Pants for Spring – Part 2

Now for pink pants!

Pairing colored pants - page 3

Pairing colored pants - page 4

Pairing Colored Pants for Spring – Part 1

From a recent edition of Leon… Men in America typically avoid wearing pants that are colored anything other than khaki and indigo and they can be difficult to pair up with odd jackets if they’re not something you’re used to. Use some of the pictures below to help give you a few ideas on what colors to pick.

Pairing colored pants - page 1

Pairing colored pants - page 2

Part 2 – Pink Pants

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