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Tag: Stronghold

Maintenance and Repairs

The lull in between seasons is a good time to inspect your clothing and accessories for things that can be repaired – when caught early, small holes, tears, and loose stitching can be easily fixed and extend the life of your items. In many cases, a needle and thread can get you pretty far, and even an inexpensive sewing machine can be handy for the more difficult tasks.

One such item of mine that I found in need of a fix was my Superior Labor Engineer bag. Despite lots of wear and tear over the past three years that I’ve had it, it’s still in remarkable shape. The problem I found though, were small tears caused by abrasion in two spots near where the leather strap attaches to the brass o-rings. To fix this, I just simply sewed on small patches of denim.

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The Stronghold

Made in the USA with 14oz denim.

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Orvis U.S. Patent Collection

Josh Peskowitz over on esquire.com posted about a new line that will be released by Orvis this fall called “U.S. Patent” which will consist of hunting and workwear classics. More interestingly, it will all be made in the U.S. by reputable manufactures (except for maybe Frye…). I’m all for this and I hope it goes well for Orvis as well as the other companies involved.

This perfectly crafted PR quote from the designer involved bugs me though: “It’s about American jobs”

Really? Orvis has sold imported goods that were cheaply made overseas for years, and now they suddenly have a change of heart over American jobs? I’d hate to be the guy that explains that one to the shareholders.

Instead, they should be saying this: “It’s about making a profit off of clothing that was proudly made here in the U.S.A.”


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