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Tag: Sunglasses

Sunglasses, Rivington’s Revisted

Some obscure options from Japan.


On a side note, I’ve been wearing my Selima Rivington’s more often lately and I’ve come to appreciate their lighter weight compared my Persol’s – thinking I might like another pair in tortoise, I was surprised to see that J.Crew is now charging $75 more for them than they were a year ago. I don’t know the reason behind the increase, but it seems they were priced more competitively in sub $250 market as they’re better made than Wayfarers, but are not quite as good as Oliver Peoples.


Save My Eyes

The two on the left are Persols, the upper right are the Selima Rivington’s for J.Crew, and the lower right pair are Ray-Bans from a year or two back. After using the first three frequently over the past several months, I feel I can honestly say that the lenses in Ray-Bans definitely do suck. They’ll probably be retired next year to be replaced with a pair from Randolph’s Engineering.

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