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Tag: Throws

Drake’s Wool Throws

Available in a large selection of different colors and patterns. I’m not sure who makes them for Drake’s (the tag says they’re from Scotland, so maybe Begg’s?) but they’re pretty damn nice and are significantly much softer than any blanket from Filson, Pendleton, etc.

J.Crew is also selling the version above if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of ordering from overseas.

Throws for the Home

Paul Smith Blankets
Blankets from Paul Smith.

Drake's of London Throws
Throws from Drake’s of London.

Wings + Horns Tiger Fleece Blankets
Tiger fleece blankets from Wings + Horns. When is CYC going to get into doing bedding? I’d do my entire place in their fabrics if I could.

Filson and Pendleton also make great blankets, but they’re more heavy duty than they are soft.

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