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Tag: Tommy Nutter

Tommy Nutter Museum Exhibition

A new exhibit featuring the work of the late Tommy Nutter is now open in the Fashion and Textile Museum in London – from a Guardian article:

Mick and Bianca chose to wear his designs on their wedding day; he was on Elton John’s speed-dial, and was the go-to man for women who wanted to wear men’s tailoring.

Now the work of Tommy Nutter, the first tailor to successfully combine Savile Row traditions with the cutting edge fashion of Swinging London, is being celebrated with a display at the Fashion and Textile Museum.

“His approach to tailoring was subversive,” said Timothy Everest, the renowned tailor who trained under Nutter in the late 80s and is joint curator for the show in Bermondsey Street, south-east London. “He was articulating bespoke tailoring to a new, younger, audience.”

His work was groundbreaking at the time and influenced the flamboyant rock and roll style that we associate with the 60’s and 70’s. Londonist has some great pictures of the exhibit as well.

Tommy Nutter, from the giant Bespoke book.

Bespoke in the Upper East Side

In today’s NYTimes there is a profile for Bruce Cameron Clark, a former apprentice of Savile Row tailor Tommy Nutter who went out on his own and opened a custom tailoring business over a decade ago:

“Not to sound egotistical, but there aren’t many people who do what I do,” said Mr. Clark, 58, explaining that what he does is neither tailoring nor fashion, but a sort of style consultancy in which two parts Lord Asquith and one part Austin Powers join forces to create an aesthetic that Mr. Clark refers to as “traditional with a twist.”

“I’m not doing boring Brooks Brothers,” he noted. “It’s much more offbeat and fun. And not to be taken too seriously.”

Continue reading more. Photo by Michael Appleton for The New York Times.

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