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Over the next two weeks if you find yourself down in Seattle’s Pioneer Square neighborhood for lunch, you might like to stop into the temporary Hardware[Store] on Occidental Avenue – it is not a store in the traditional sense, but is instead an art installation to highlight tools both rare and common. Run by Olson [...]

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Old Tool Catalogs

For some light Sunday reading, publisher Toolemera Press has a nice selection of vintage tool catalogs going back to the 1800′s for free viewing on their website, along with some interesting photo galleries. Via Best Made Company. A catalog from Mack & Co., circa 1909. Many tool illustrations. A printing plate of an axe head [...]

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A Practical Axe Manual

For those of you who might have purchased one of those fancy axes from Best Made Co. or Gränsfors and need some tips on how to use it properly, check out this manual written for the USDA Forest Service. It covers axe history, safety, sharpening, and chopping techniques. Continue reading more.

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