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Tag: Tricker’s

Tricker’s Motorcycle Boots

Clunky wingtip boots are probably the first thing to come to mind when thinking of Tricker’s, but like the other Northampton firms, they have a very wide catalog of shoes available. Motorcycle boots are among them.

It is a hard to find design and they’re reminiscent to the older equestrian boots and puttees (leg coverings) that were popular with motorcycle riders up until the 1940’s. I passed up on a pair in my size years ago and I’ve regretted it ever since, but I wonder if a custom order might be an option I should ask about.

Another source, also available in brown.

Puttees, as shown in Rin Tanaka’s Harley Davidson Book of Fashions.

More boots and puttees worn in a group photo in front of a Harley-Davidson dealer in 1925.

Laceless Wingtips

I just came across some interesting pairs of Tricker’s on Starling where the laces have been replaced with elastic. It also does not look like they added heel counters, allowing for some flexibility in the back of the shoe for ease in putting them on. They probably would have looked much better with single leather soles though.


Awesome Tricker’s on Yoox

Yoox seems to always get in some interesting Tricker’s makeups, though sadly hardly ever in my size. I wonder what store they originally came from.

trickers_yoox_00 Read more

Asymmetric Brogues

Would you ever wear mismatched shoes? This pair made for Nepenthes by Tricker’s are actually sold that way.

They really are awful looking shoes, but the idea is very quirky – proceed at your own risk. Picture from Dice & Dice.

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