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Tag: Watches

More Vintage Watches

I don’t know where he sources them from, but this seller on ebay always has the most interesting selection of late 19th to early 20th century watches. What kind of men owned these? I could picture the Longines with the elaborate casing being worn by a respectable gentleman, and maybe the Rolex being used by a young adventure seeking racer in the Grand Prix.

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Vintage Omega Watches

I came across these interesting early 20th century Omega watches a few weeks ago on ebay, and it was fun to watch the auctions where prices went as high as $1150.

Background reading on Omega SA.

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Vintage Pocket Watches

A few interesting finds from eBay. I’ve refrained from buying any for myself – not because they’re pointless, but because I’m worried I’d turn myself into a collector of old, non functioning watches.

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