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Tag: Wings + Horns

Roden Gray’s New Webstore

Roden Gray now has their new webstore up and running. It could use a few UI improvements, but it’s not bad overall. They’re probably the first store that you should check with if you’re looking for anything from Wing + Horns or their new Blanc and Noir line.


Throws for the Home

Paul Smith Blankets
Blankets from Paul Smith.

Drake's of London Throws
Throws from Drake’s of London.

Wings + Horns Tiger Fleece Blankets
Tiger fleece blankets from Wings + Horns. When is CYC going to get into doing bedding? I’d do my entire place in their fabrics if I could.

Filson and Pendleton also make great blankets, but they’re more heavy duty than they are soft.

Engineered Garments WA Field Jacket

This will be the first of many Engineered Garments posts.

One of my favorite jackets this season has been the WA field jacket, which for as long as I’ve been following it is a new addition to the line.  Unnecessary details of the original military versions were left out (namely zippered hoods and epaulet straps) and only the bare necessities were left in.  The pockets are fastened with plain covered buttons, and you can safely store eye or sunglasses in the chest pockets without worrying about scratches.  I’m slightly torn on whether or not I like the 65/35 poly cotton fabric for this jacket, but it has performed well and is light enough to wear in warmer weather.

Engineered Garments WA Field Jacket

Engineered Garments WA Field Jacket in khaki

Engineered Garments WA Field Jacket

Engineered Garments WA Field Jacket in navy

As far as I know, they were only available at Hejfina (Chicago) and at a few different Barney’s locations.  I believe they will also be returning in the Fall/Winter collection this year in heaver fabrics.


J.Press Military Jacket, in khaki and navy
Wings + Horns Mk-2 Jacket, in black and olive

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