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Tag: Worcestershire Leather Company

Quick Release Belts

Just received in time for autumn: quick release belts from the Worcestershire Leather Company. I was first introduced to these years ago when they were often featured prominently in the early collections from Engineered Garments, and they’re now more commonly sold in Japan under other brand names.

The suede and bridle leathers are fairly strong and among the nicest quality I’ve seen used for heavy duty belts like these (cheap bridle leather in particular is often too stiff and uncomfortable to break in). The unique hardware is also top notch, and the lesser imitations that occasionally show up on second hand markets can’t be compared.

Prices range from £80-85, though you might find one for less on the studio stock sale page.

A Proper Drink Case for the Field

Available from the Worcestershire Leather Company. Also be sure to check out the quick release belts.


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