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Tag: World War 2

The Eighth Army

Reading up on desert warfare during World War 2 recently led me to source an interesting pamphlet with some great photos published by the British Government in 1944 about the Eighth Army, covering its creation in 1941 through the defeat of the Afrika Korps in 1943. Exploits of the 7th Armoured Division (the Desert Rats) are included, and were an inspiration behind the most recent collection from Nigel Cabourn.

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Keep It Under Your Stetson

Under a “Keep it under your Stetson” campaign, the company created a number of ads during World War 2 that were very much in line with other slogans used at the time: “Let’s bring him home quicker!”, “Loose Talk Can Cost Lives!”, “Idle Words Make Busy Subs!”. They also offered a number of “freedom” inspired models for both men and women.

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