NYTimes Piece on the Resurgence of the American Look

Finally, a writer without his head up his ass writes an article on the resurgence of the American look without sounding like a snot.

Lately the trend has taken on a new dimension, via the Internet, with a resurgence of interest in once obscure American brands. Alongside the familiar L. L. Bean duck boots, Brooks Brothers shirts and Ray-Ban Wayfarers, there are Filson duffel bags, Gokey boots, Alden dress shoes, Gitman oxford shirts, Quoddy Trail moccasins, Wm. J. Mills canvas totes — to name but a few. Moribund brands like Southwick and Woolrich are being revived with new designs. And the old-school look has been furthered by popular American fashion labels — small houses like Thom Browne, Band of Outsiders and Benjamin Bixby along with megabrands like J. Crew and Ralph Lauren.

Thank you David Colman.  Read the whole article here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/17/fashion/18codes.html (There are also some good quotes from Daiki Suzuki and André Benjamin.)

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