Filson recently switched vendors for their boots, but to whom? The new versions seem off for some reason.

“Country Of Origin: Imported” – WTF?

Filson's New Boots

The styles look the same, but the hardware and leather in the new versions look questionable in their stock photos.  I guess I should hold judgment until I see them in person.

Update: I just heard from someone at Filson, and they said that they’re now being made in the Dominican Republic.  To paraphrase, they tried to find a U.S. vendor, but nobody could meet their quality demands [translation: nobody would make boots cheap enough for them].  It’s disappointing to hear, as there are still many great boot and shoe makers here in the states.

I think I’m going to start calling around to the mom & pop type stores to try and track down a pair of the U.S. made Highlanders before it’s too late.