For classically styled bags, the ones sold by Barbour offer an incredible value.

Barbour Explorer - 1

Barbour Tarras Bag - 1

I own both the leather tarras and explorer bags and have used them very heavily for the past two years. The leather and stitching has so far held up well, and I’ve had no problems with the fabric lining and metal hardware.


Barbour Tarras Bag - 2
The thing that you don’t see well advertised with these (and all of Barbour’s bags) is that they’re made in China, much to the surprise of many people. I would not worry about the quality of these however, as they’re just as good as my other U.S. or European made bags. Oi Polloi carries both.

If you must have old world produced goods and do not mind paying up to twice as much, another British maker called Tusting still makes identical styled bags there in the UK.

Tusting Explorer Kudu

Tusting Explorer Canvas

Tusting Clipper Fullgrain Leather

Tusting Clipper Kudu

Tusting Gladstone Leather