Thanks to the tip-off from Lesli, I was able to make it to Filson’s seconds sale this morning down in SoDo.

I arrived at about 8:50, only to find that there was a huge line of about 100 people or so already (which then doubled by the time they opened 15 minutes later). The crowd had a pretty friendly atmosphere, even after Filson opened the doors.
Almost all of the bags that I saw were used and well loved. I can only hope that someday the bags I have will look just as great. They did have stacks of wheeled luggage which looked new as well, so if you happened to need one of those you were in luck.
There were tables and tables full of cheap but heavily used shoes and boots. The only new shoes that I saw were a pallet full of those upland loafers which nobody seemed to want, though I just noticed after going through my photos that it looks like there was a stack of new boots that I missed (ffffuuuu…!).
The main area had a great selection of Filson’s clothing and in all size ranges. Probably about 3/4 of it was unworn stuff, and the other 1/4 was customer returns. There were also several tables with clothing from their women’s line.
It seemed like mostly everyone was just there looking for a few things, including for Christmas gift shopping. Some even went just for socks, which they had tons of (Filson’s socks are pretty good). I only saw a couple of people who looked like they were grabbing as much stuff as they could to pick through later, no doubt to resell on ebay.

Here’s an older shooting jacket.
A fit prototype shirt jacket from 2006, according to some markings on it.
I don’t know the history on this jacket, but it was awesome. Its previous owner definitely wore the hell out it before it somehow found its way back to Filson.
A section for sweaters, mostly from past seasons I think.
I don’t remember this one though.
Scans from the handout they gave as you entered. The prices were pretty reasonable (and in some cases a steal).

I surprisingly had a fun time there and it was nice to see all of the used gear they had out for sale (in contrast to the pristine nature of their flagship store on the other side of the neighborhood). If you’re a Filson fan and happen to be in the area for next year’s sale, I would highly recommend visiting it even if you don’t want to buy anything.