First up, a piece on expensive denim in today’s economy: Link

“It was all just a fad,” said Jeff Rudes, a founder of the hot-denim-label-du-jour J Brand Jeans and an astute observer of the suspiciously inflated prices of fashion’s most eternally reinvented staple. Like any commodity that becomes overpriced, there eventually comes a market correction. And denim’s day of reckoning was long overdue.

Thoughts: A “crash” in designer denim prices was indeed very long overdue, and the only jeans that will continue to do well past the $300 mark will be those that are sold to denimheads (a very niche market to begin with).

And the second piece on “power” jeans: Link

When Dmitry Medvedev dined with the Obamas in July, the Russian president appeared both relaxed and powerful. He hit that elusive note by pairing his fine blazer, crisp buttoned shirt, and expensive-looking leather-soled shoes with dark, straight jeans.

Power jeans are increasingly common in high-ranking business and political circles. Indeed, jeans are now a legitimate part of the global power-dress lexicon, worn to influential confabs where the wearers want to signal they’re serious—but not fussy—and innovative.

FFS! That elusive note they’re hitting is not one that exudes a look of power and seriousness, but of a man who do not know how to dress himself. Just because you can wear denim with a sportcoat does not mean you should!