Stores in Japan have started to receive their first deliveries from the Engineered Garments spring/summer 2010 collection. Here are a few pictures that have showed up over the weekend and expect more this next week! Stores in the U.S. should be getting in there first shipments in January. Related post: Preview of Engineered Garments SS2010.

eg_ss10_look_1 eg_ss10_look_2
eg_ss10_look_3 eg_ss10_look_4

From Museum Ark:
eg_ss10_look_5 eg_ss10_look_6

eg_ss10_workshirt_1 eg_ss10_workshirt_2

Engineered Garments Green Chambray Workshirt Engineered Garments Grey Chambray Workshirt

From Silver & Gold:
eg_ss10_tab_collar_shirt_1 eg_ss10_tab_collar_shirt_2
eg_ss10_knicker_shorts eg_ss10_chambray_bedford