Victim Spring/Summer 2010

Victim has also just started to update their website with their Spring/Summer 2010 line and it’s really just a continuation of what they already do well: basic military and workwear inspired goods. The two standouts are the vintage denim overalls and the military watch, and they’re also including Paraboot made boatshoes.

victim_m65_jacket_1 victim_f2_jacket_1
victim_m65_jacket_2 victim_f2_jacket_2
victim_workshirt_1 victim_workshirt_2
victim_linen_jacket_1 victim_linen_jacket_2
victim_linen_pants_1 victim_linen_pants_2
victim_fatigue_pants_1 victim_fatigue_pants_2
victim_linen_hat_1 victim_linen_hat_2
victim_knit_sweatshirt_1 victim_knit_sweatshirt_2
victim_flight_jacket_1 victim_flight_jacket_2
victim_cord_jacket_1 victim_cord_jacket_2
victim_overalls_1 victim_overalls_2
victim_paraboot_1 victim_paraboot_2
victim_military_watch_1 victim_military_watch_2

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