Now up on – some stores in Japan have already received some things from the collection as well.

Most of it looks like things my dad would have worn when he was my age…

needles_ss10_01 needles_ss10_02
needles_ss10_03 needles_ss10_04
needles_ss10_05 needles_ss10_06
needles_ss10_07 needles_ss10_08
needles_ss10_09 needles_ss10_10
needles_ss10_11 needles_ss10_12
needles_ss10_13 needles_ss10_14
needles_ss10_15 needles_ss10_16
needles_ss10_17 needles_ss10_18
needles_ss10_19 needles_ss10_20
needles_ss10_21 needles_ss10_22
needles_ss10_23 needles_ss10_24