I had been wondering about the inspiration behind the quirky design of the Engineered Garments Mac jacket ever since it was first introduced in the FW08 collection. The straps on the shoulders and pocket in the back led me to believe that it was meant for rock climbing, but it turns out I was very wrong – its true history is in seafaring.

While browsing around some Japanese sites this morning, I randomly came across these very similar looking parkas being sold under the label of Mighty Mac.

Mighty Mac was originally based out of Gloucester, Massachusetts and up until the late 80’s produced popular sportswear and clothing for boating (they seemed to be also responsible for those signal flag jackets). For reasons I couldn’t find out, the company closed down around 1989-1990.

35summers (the same company behind Rocky Mountain Featherbed Co) eventually came along and acquired the rights to the Mighty Mac name, and now creates reproductions of the same jackets that were made decades ago.

And here is what the straps on the shoulders are meant for. I never would have guessed it.

The version from Engineered Garments.

Engineered Garments Mac Jacket
Old Mighty Mac ads.