Bruce Pask has some interesting scoops from Pitti on what to expect from Engineered Garments and ts(s) this next year. From the NYTimes Style Magazine:

“Engineered Garments, always a favorite, continued the performance-driven kick with techy tweeds inspired by cycling, with jacket flaps buttoning under pockets, attached hoods and trousers with windbreaking knit cuffs. Short pant silhouettes here were modeled on retro football uniforms as well as classic ghurka shorts. Long socks and leggings seem to be key in pulling off this eccentric yet appealing look, as the designer Daiki Suzuki stylishly showed, wearing his shorts with striped socks and classic lace-ups. He teamed up with the classic American outerwear maker Golden Bear for their first line of leather jackets.

“Another Tokyo-based line TS(S) played with quilted nylon, brushed herringbone linens, heavy cotton twills and wool tweeds to create an inspiring riot of textures in dandified sporty silhouettes and, yes, winter-weight shorts. A hiking boot collaboration with the designer Takahiro Miyashita of the recently retired Number (N)ine collection hinted at a highly anticipated project of his in the works.

Golden Bear leather jackets for Engineered Garments and Takahiro Miyashita working with Takuji Suzuki? Fall/Winter 2010 is going to be an amazing season for fans.

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