Pete Anderson just posted a great interview with Yuki Matsuda over on Matsuda is the founder of Meg Company, whose products you might be familiar with under the names of Yuketen and Monitaly.

PWA: You mentioned that Yuketen’s style is mostly 50s/60s American-based. Is there a particular, specific setting in mind for Fall/Winter 2010?

Yuki Matsuda: Yuketen Hunt boots’ inspiration derives from the 1920-30s; Maine Guide Boots are better classified as 1940s-inspired; Ring Boots are from the 1960s, etc. So, each Yuketen style has its own historical reference and thematic era. Yuketen FW2010 is the most well-curated collection ever in our history. We’ve ramped up our small moccasin factory, investing in new patterns and hand tools so that we can confidently make the best quality boots and shoes in our 20-year history.

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