For the local folks, the Seattle Art Museum will be hosting a series of some classic British Film Noir movies starting in April. More info.

In 1977 SAM presented Seattle’s first American film noir series. This spring, in our town’s premiere British film noir voyage, we visit the “Empire of Night,” where thrilling tales of love and betrayal, greed and obsession swirl in the midnight fog.

And at the Seattle Asian Art Museum, there will be a showing of some very important pieces of woodblock prints from Japan. More info.

This exhibition brings together prints from the most renowned ukiyo-e artists of the 18th and 19th centuries—including Harunobu, Utamaro, Eishi and Hiroshige—along with Hokusai’s most beloved prints, Great Wave off Kanagawa and Red Fuji. These Japanese woodblock prints demonstrate an evocative play between delicate ink lines and rich blocks of color in portraits of beautiful women and kabuki actors, jewel-like landscapes of famous places, and more. Drawn from the Mary and Allan Kollar Collection, a promised gift to the Seattle Art Museum on the occasion of its 75th Anniversary, this installation introduces the region to a remarkable collection of prints, all taken from early impressions and in excellent condition.