Some things from last week that you might have missed if you’re not following me on twitter:

– Speaking of gems, check out what the Bureau still has lying around from past seasons: Link. It’s too bad that Raf Simons can’t put out cool stuff like those parkas anymore. (no idea if they’re actually for sale or not)

– Simon Crompton gets his shoes back from Edward Green: Link

– Cool naval/military inspired bags: Link

– Jasper Johns on Secret Forts: Link

– NYTimes T Magazine finds out what bloggers are using for their cameras: Link. I’m shopping for a new camera now, and I’m torn between the usefulness of a Canon Rebel, the snob appeal of a Leica point and shoot, and a gadget lust for an Olympic EP-2.

– Cliff Grodd, the legendary president of Paul Stuart passes away: Link

It will be impossible to walk into that store and not feel his presence in every perfect detail. It is the end of an era with his passing, and he will be greatly missed by the many well-dressed gentlemen whose life he touched.