I’ve had J.Crew’s latest utility shirt for about two weeks now and I’m pretty happy with the purchase so far. The gingham fabric is a linen/cotton mix and it’s been great in the warmer weather that Seattle is finally getting.

When I first received the shirt I was also surprised by the detailing that J.Crew put into it, which are comparable to the same details found in work shirts made by companies like Engineered Garments and RRL.

The smaller cigarette style flap pocket. The bottom portion is not sewn down which allows you to put stuff in it without it pulling on the fabric around it.

The larger tool pocket. There is a separate working partition for a pencil or pen.

There is a hidden button underneath the bottom of the placket on front of the shirt, which allows it to keep a vintage inspired look without loosing the functionality of a modern shirt. It would be cool to see Engineered Garments do something like this on their 19th century button down shirts.

The seams along the sides and sleeves are triple stitched.

The cuffs are squared off instead of rounded, and there are two double pleats instead of one. Another vintage inspired detail.

Hidden holes under the collar to button it down. The throat latch is really the only detail I don’t care for.

If you don’t want to spend $150 or more on work shirts from other companies, J.Crew’s utility shirt offers a great value at just under $100.