Psycho Bunny is a brand that continues to confuse me, and it’s one of those head scratchers as to why it’s still in business. Born a few years back before the market collapse, the company sold luxury accessories with a logo that you’d expect to find on something marketed to angsty teenagers (but in this case it was marketed to rich men that had more money than taste). I always expected it wouldn’t be around for long, but here we are several years later and it’s now going to be featured on Gilt tomorrow morning – apparently people are still buying it up.

My current understanding is that the rabbit thing is more of a joke and that the branding is a play on the ubiquitous logos and themes that we see everyday, examples being the Ralph Lauren polo or even the simpler trad critter ties. The Hickey offshoot brand of Hickey Freeman also does the same thing with a tacky pot leaf logo on their own goods.

Here’s a cashmere beanie with a patch logo that treads on a legally similar look of the well known Moncler patch.

A $10k belt buckle. There is definitely a joke here and it’s on the sucker who actually buys it.

An older Psycho Bunny ad from Free & Easy.

So many nice items ruined. If a company just wants to do classic with a twist, the twist should be subtle, an odd detail that only the wearer would know about.