New sale find: brown dyed 1008 straight leg jeans from Gilded Age. Made in Japan, the fabric is very interesting and is already fading on some edges around the pockets and seams.

Despite some really great workmanship, Gilded Age doesn’t get much attention by anyone as its products are usually very expensive and retail distribution has not been well thought out. Further muddling up the consumer perception, they also made the odd decision of splitting up their origins of manufacturer – some products are made in Japan, but the rest in China. While Ralph Lauren’s RRL could get away with something like this, a small boutique brand cannot.

Marketing is also off. From the label attached to my jeans: “Compares favorably to any made in United States and enjoy a great reputation. Only the very best materials that money can buy are used in their manufacture.”

This strikes me as bad way to sell your brand, especially when you’re selling luxury goods – there is not much for high end denim that is produced here in the United States anymore and the statement above makes it sound like the jeans are only second best.

I am very happy with this particular pair though, and look forward to how the fading on these might turn out in a year or so from now.